690D.91/2–1451: Telegram

The Ambassador in India (Henderson) to the Secretary of State


2090. 1. Bajpai asked see me this morning. Said he wanted a talk re Kashmir. GOI knew US and UK planning some kind move UN and had been somewhat surprised parties most interested not included in conversations since those parties might be able make useful contributions. He had not asked see me, however, to endeavor find out what US and UK were planning nor to complain. Main object had been to discuss Pakistani tendencies resort to threats of holy war in case Kashmir problem not solved to Pakistan’s liking in immediate future. He hoped UK and US could use influence on Pakistan stop this type talk since it merely served inflame passions and did not promote atmosphere conducive to friendly and conciliatory negotiations nor for making arrangements for plebiscite. Particularly difficult plan for right kind plebiscite when one party “beating war drums”.

2. I told Bajpai I not aware all going on in Washington and London re Kashmir. Nevertheless sure my government had no intention working out any move re Kashmir behind India’s back. Naturally, however, it must give thought to this important problem. I would assume that after Pakistan had presented its case to SC and GOI had given reply US would then make final decisions as to what course action in its opinion SC should take. I thought it likely that at that stage if not before, my government would indicate in Lake Success or in Delhi how it was thinking. I had reason believe my government also deplored any kind war talk in South Asia and was doing what it properly could to discourage it. Nevertheless GOI should bear in [Page 1730]mind since it was in possession Valley Kashmir India was likely to be more placid re delays in solution Kashmir problem than Pakistan.

Repeated Karachi 71.