694.001/2–851: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser to SCAP (Sebald)


Topad 1239. Rusk1 to Dulles. FYI I had gen discussion today with PriMin Holland on Pacific Pact and Jap treaty.2

I outlined in very tentative and gen way relationship of Pact to Jap treaty and various alternatives and difficulties in such a pact indicating you will discuss more fully.

I particularly stressed problems of membership, possible desire especially UK and probably Fr, Neth and Portugal for inclusion in any gen pact thus imparting colonial power nature as well as raising problem of what type commitment could be made by US which cld also be applicable mainland Asia and problem of inclusion states whose primary interests not in Pacific.

I mentioned alternative of unilateral declaration by US, series of bilateral agreements between US and certain Pacific island countries or trilateral arrangement between NZ, Austral and US. I mentioned some of difficulties of each alternative pointing up problem of a solely bilateral arrangement between Jap and US, and problem of attracting aggression against states excluded.

Holland agreed that UK and probably others wld desire join any gen pact and expressed understanding difficulties in type proposal agreed upon before your departure. He explained NZ commitments to UK for deployment virtually all troop strength in other areas in event gen war and desire for public assurance protection in unlikely event attack on NZ itself apart from confidential mutual understanding on mil commitments. Holland was eagerly receptive to mention of trilateral arrangement between NZ, Austral, and US and foresaw no difficulties with UK or Commonwealth in such a plan.

In discussion of treaty I pointed out difficulty, and Holland expressed understanding, of any US responsibility for enforcing restriction [Page 152] on Jap defensive measures, probability of Commie bid for Jap support in such event, present Jap disarmament sentiment and difficulty US indefinitely committing forces to defense Jap in view obvious ability Jap substantially contribute to its own defense.

Holland indicated problem of security and non-restrictive Jap treaty was much more acute in Austral where it was also strong domestic political issue in contrast to NZ. [Rusk.]

  1. Telegram drafted by U. Alexis Johnson, Director of the Office of Northeast Asian Affairs.
  2. For memorandum of this conversation, see p. 147.