The Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser to SCAP ( Sebald )

secret priority

Topad 1232. Dulles from Rusk.1 (Sebald’s 1492 Feb 2).2 In view Brit attitude toward Pacific Pact appears even more essential we proceed in our discussions of this subj on very gen and tentative basis you suggest.

Your discussions Canberra and Wellington, particularly former, might follow line that we are responsive to Austral suggestion for Pacific Pact and hope that agreed formula can be found. Nevertheless Brit insistence UK be included returns us again to principal difficulty, that of determining membership. France will undoubtedly take attitude similar Brit (in fact Pleven took occasion while here3 bid for more French participation FE matters) and we may assume Dutch and Portuguese wld likewise want admittance. Pact thereupon acquires colonial nature which wld make it anathema Asian nations and destroy its realism as genuine security arrangement among powers with primary Pacific interests.

You might invite Australia to herself explore these problems, consider alternative solutions and advise us of conclusions reached. Meantime we ourselves continue consider advantages and disadvantages various forms which agreement might take. In addition to concept agreed upon here before your departure, other possibilities include U.S. unilateral declaration, series of bilateral agreements (U.S. with Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Japan, respectively) or tripartite agreement (U.S., Australia, New Zealand). These latter wld, of course, not provide the desired collective security arrangement for Japan’s participation nor wld they remove very real problem of effect on Asian states and danger that drawing line wld invite Commie aggression. Re Japan’s problem believe further consideration might be given possibility of applying Uniting for Peace res to Japan under which Peace Observation Comm. wld be stationed in Japan or Jap forces made available as UN unit after Japan becomes member UN. Still another alternative wld be loose assoc of nations, including mainland states, but without U.S. defense commitments.

We believe it important at this time give impression open-mindedness and desire receive constructive suggestions. Therefore it might [Page 151] be wise refrain from discussing any one text. On basis your discussions and proposals which govts you visit may present, Dept can arrive at position fol your return.

Satterthwaite of BNA who is mtg you Canberra4 is fully briefed this subject. [Rusk.]

  1. Telegram drafted by Mr. Emmerson and cleared by, among others, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Satterthwaite.
  2. Ante, p. 143.
  3. René Pleven, Premier of France, was in Washington January 28–30 for talks with President Truman, Secretary Acheson, and other officials. Documentation on the visit is scheduled for publication in volume iv.
  4. The Dulles Mission was in Australia February 14–19.