No. 542

396.1/7–2751: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Austria ( Donnelly) to the Secretary of State 1


362. Deptel 525 to Frankfort July 19,2 Frankfort’s 642 to Dept July 23.3 FonMin Gruber informed of our consideration possibility Austrian treaty session. Initial reaction was to welcome suggestions, since he considers it important that continuity of treaty efforts shld not be interrupted altogether. He thought plans for conference some time in Sept shld continue receive active consideration, with final decision to be made few weeks hence in light developments this summer and progress Korean negotiations. He felt that recent deputies meetings Paris had been instructive re Soviets and that there was general utility in keeping four power contact through CFM or deputies. His thought, therefore, that if deputies reconvened for Austrian treaty, it shld be for two or three weeks effort rather than one-hour formality. Will discuss subject further with Legation next week.

Gruber did not suggest any special Austrian urgency for treaty session at this time, but appeared to be thinking primarily in terms general European situation, with indication that desirability of another treaty try may become more pressing in autumn.

  1. Repeated to London, Paris, and Frankfurt for Reber.
  2. Document 540.
  3. Supra.