No. 535

663.001/3–851: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


4662. For Jessup.2 Suggest you or Reber may wish consult Brit and Fr re mtg Aust Treaty Deputies sched London mid-Mar at call Chairman, presumably Reber. It seems reasonable assume all parties wld be agreeable defer mtg pending outcome present negots Paris. If there is tripartite agreement that London mtg shld be deferred Sov concurrence to deferment shld be requested.3

  1. Drafted by Allen and cleared with Bonbright. Repeated to London, Vienna, Moscow, and Frankfurt for Reber.
  2. Philip C. Jessup, Ambassador at Large, was the principal U.S. representative at the Four-Power Exploratory Talks in Paris.
  3. In response to an inquiry made on behalf of Reber, the Soviet Union agreed to a postponement until after the conclusion of the Four-Power Exploratory Talks. (Telegram 4936 from London, March 15, 663.001/3–1551) Gruber also felt that the meetings of the Austrian Deputies should be postponed as long as there was a prospect that the Austrian Treaty might be placed on the agenda for a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers. (Telegram 4866 from London, March 10, 663.001/3–1051)