No. 620

Under Secretary’s Meetings, lot 53D250, Meetings

Record of the Under Secretary’s Meeting, March 28, 19511

UM M–324

[Here follows discussion of the Korean military situation.]

Communist Propaganda Activities

2. Mr. Reinhardt reported that our public front on the Paris meetings is being maintained in respect to the German demilitarization problem. The British and French will make representations to us for a different approach. The Secretary has agreed to have a more neutral wording for the agenda on this subject. Mr. Reinhardt also reported that the Soviet Literary Gazette has instituted a series of articles on Americans. The first one selected was Mr. Grady who was labelled the “Hangman of Tehran”.

Emergency Plan for Psychological Offensive (USSR) (UM D–138)2

3. Mr. Barrett introduced the document by naming a number of people who participated in its development. He pointed out that it is designed to make the best possible use of the material which we [Page 1238] now have on hand. The VOA has been working on the major themes and we are now attempting to get these themes expressed by others, especially non-American individuals and groups. Mr. Phillips emphasized that this paper was prepared within the framework of existing policy. Basically, there are only two variations to themes that have been carried on by the VOA. First is the treatment of Stalin on which the VOA has been silent until now. Second, we are attempting to build up good-will between the Russian people and others. Mr. Phillips stated that we want to give this paper circulation in the Government and hope to exchange the major portion of it with the British, who could assist us on the planned offensive. Mr. Phillips pointed out that this paper promises an attack on Stalinism, Marxism, etc., and the first prepared scripts along this line appear to be very satisfactory.

4. Mr. Reinhardt agreed that this was the right approach and pointed out that we, in the past, have attempted to approach communists generally on how good America is. The approach outlined in this paper is different and is a good one. Mr. Dulles felt that the approach was an excellent one on the important task at hand. He felt that the offensive approach was a good one and would be more effective than telling the communists about the advantages of the American life. Mr. Nitze suggested that we prepare speeches for Congressmen to make along these lines, which would help us in many respects, including bettering our congressional relations. Mr. Barrett emphasized that we are gradually shifting our whole program from patting ourselves on the back to other lines and getting the assistance of non-American peoples and groups to help in this regard. A follow-up paper is in preparation which will explode Kremlin infallibility and will reveal the blunders of the Kremlin.

Senate Appropriation Hearings

5. Mr. Humelsine announced that the Senate Appropriation hearings are tentatively scheduled for April 11.

  1. Regarding the Under Secretary’s meeting, see footnote 1, Document 611. The following officers were present: Chairman Webb, Armstrong (R), Barrett and Phillips (P), Cabot (S/ISA), Dulles (S), Tate (L), Hickerson (UNA), Humelsine (A), Nolting (G), McFall (H), Berry (NEA), Miller (ARA), Nitze (S/P), Pauley (S), Perkins (EUR), Reinhardt (EUR), Johnson (FE), and McWilliams (S/S). This record was presumably prepared by Sohm (S/S–S) who was also present.
  2. See the paper prepared in the Department of State, Document 618.