740.5/9–2051: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Seventh Session of the North Atlantic Council to the Acting Secretary of State1

Secto 29. ToISA. Fol text res approved NAT this morning re agenda item VI:2

“Statement by NAT Council re North Atlantic Community.3

“Peoples of North Atlantic Community are united under NAT present their freedom and develop their common heritage of democracy, liberty and rule of law. During past two years, since treaty came into being, NA countries have joined in collective efforts for their defense. They will continue work together closely to consolidate NA Community. All obstacles which hinder such cooperation on an equal footing shld be removed.

“Persistent attempts which have been made and are being made divide peoples of NA Community will fail. Those who made these attempts do not understand nature or strength or close ties between free peoples of NA Community. Preservation of peace is very essence of that Community, and free discussion as to how this can best be done is source of continuing strength.

“It was threatening international situation that brought 12 nations of NA Community formally together under NAT to create sufficient strength to preserve their freedom and liberty. Series of so-called peace offers as vague in language as they are obscure in content are made from time to time. Peoples of NA Community will test these offers by deeds that follow them. They will never reject any genuine move for peace, but will not be deflected from building up their defensive strength by mere empty words about peace.

“Strengthening of NATO in past two years has developed in minds of peoples strong sense of their common interests and ideals. There is desire within NA Community to meet specific needs in all fields where close collaboration will advance welfare of Community.

“One source for further development of NA Community is Art II of NAT which states:

“‘Parties will contribute towards further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions, by bringing about better understanding of principles upon which these institutions founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being. They will seek to eliminate conflict in their international econ policies and will encourage econ collaboration between any or all of them’. Clear sense of direction in which Community is developing shld make it easier take practical steps towards that end.

[Page 688]

“Council has therefore decided to set up Ministerial Comite composed of representatives from Belgium, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and Norway, to consider further strengthening of the NA Community and especially implementation of Art II NAT.

“Committee, assisted by Council deputies, will, in particular, consider and make recommendations to Council on fol matters:

  • “(a) Coordination and frequent consultation on foreign policy, having particular regard to steps designed to promote peace;
  • “(b) Close econ, financial and social cooperation designed to promote conditions of stability and well-being, both during period of rearmament and thereafter, within NATO or through other agencies.
  • “(c) Collaboration in fields of culture and public information.

“In these and other ways Council will build up inner strength of NA Community, without duplicating work of other international organizations which promote same objectives.

“Council endorses recent declaration of OEEC which called on all sections of Eur community to increase production and play their part in collective effort for peace and well-being.

“In developing NA Community, Council wld act in conformity with and seek to strengthen purposes and principles of charter of UN. It is only by work and by enlightened understanding of free peoples everywhere that cause of freedom and Democracy will be upheld against any challenge.”

End statement, fol terms ref of comite:

  • “1. Council has decided set up Ministerial Comite consider further strengthening of NA Community and especially application of Art II of NAT.
  • “2. Members of comite will be:
    • “(a) Belgium, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Norway.
    • “(b) Chairman of CD.
  • “3. Comite will provide for consultation with other members of Council as required.
  • “4. Comite, assisted by CD will, in particular, consider and make recommendations to Council on following matters: (see points a, b, c above).

    “Comite will bear in mind importance of avoiding implication of work already being done by existing bodies.

  • “5. Comite will make report to next mtg of Council.”

  1. Repeated to The Hague, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Luxembourg, Reykjavik, Rome, Brussels, and Frankfurt.
  2. A brief summary of this Council meeting is contained in telegram Secto 32 from Ottawa, September 20, p. 683. Regarding action on this resolution, see footnote 4 thereto. For documentation concerning the background which led up to this resolution, see pp. 1 ff.
  3. The text of this Council statement was released to the press on September 21 and is printed in the Department of State Bulletin, October 1, 1951, pp. 524–525.