740.5/9–2051: Telegram

The United States Delegation at the Seventh Session of the North Atlantic Council to the Acting Secretary of State1

Secto 28. ToISA. Fol test [text?] res approved NAC this morning re agenda Item IV:2

North Atlantic Council: With respect to reports presented to seventh session by NAT agencies:

Request that the MilCom, in its report to next mtg of Council, include: (a) Estimate of relative strength and capabilities of NATO and Soviet bloc forces at present and in immed future; (b) Comments on proposals for reorganization NATO mil structure.
Request that CD, in relation to report requested from MilCom in para 1 (a) above, provide similar estimate concerning industry and economic resources.
Request that DPB, in considering production programs, keep itself informed of progress in each country in actual placing of production orders and deliveries of finished material.
Request that FEB, in analysing financial and economic efforts, with respect to defense, of each member govt and of group as whole, keep itself informed of actual execution of budgets and financial programmes, and especially of commitments and payments made.
Request that DPB explore and develop means obtain integration of defense production programmes of member countries.

  1. Repeated to The Hague, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Rome, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt.
  2. A brief summary of this Council meeting is contained in telegram Secto 32 from Ottawa, September 20, p. 683. Regarding action on this resolution, see footnote 5 thereto.