740.5/1–1151: Telegram

The United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council ( Spofford ) to the Secretary of State


Depto 401. Pass to Secretary Defense. Please pass to Chairman SG from Chairman NAC.1 Deputies have asked me to inform you that, as result action of NAC in Brussels, they intend continue discussion of possible reorganization NATO structure and to consider question of relationship between SG and military representatives and SG and Deputies, as directed by Council. Deputies understand that latter aspects of military organization will also be considered by SG and military representatives in Washington, and it is the Deputies’ thought that discussions on this question should not be carried on simultaneously in Washington and London. Therefore, they intend proceed with discussions on reorganization top NATO structure and to postpone discussion military aspects of reorganization until hearing from you as to schedule and procedure contemplated by appropriate Washington agencies for consideration these questions. I should therefore appreciate learning as soon as possible intentions of SG in this regard.

Deputies wished me to point out that outcome of their discussions on Canadian memo (D–D (51)4)2 might well have bearing on consideration [Page 26] by SG and military representatives of military aspects of reorganization.3

[ Spofford ]
  1. Paul van Zeeland, Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Not printed. Presumably the revised memorandum discussed in telegram Depto 382, January 3, p. 6.
  3. The Council Deputies’ discussion of the Canadian memorandum, referred to in this telegram, took place in the Deputies’ second meeting of the year on January 10. The meeting was reported in telegram 3837 of that date from London, not printed. (704.5/1–1051)