700.5 MAP/4–2651

The Administrator of the Economic Cooperation Administration ( Foster ) to the President 1


Dear Mr. President: With further reference to my letter of this date2 I feel, for instance, that we should have more specific definition of the countries in Southeast Asia and the Near East in which you have indicated ECA will be responsible for special technical and economic assistance programs.

We have also taken up with the Bureau of the Budget certain other questions such as the relation of Export-Import Bank loans to total country programs, handling of foreign requirements, procurement and development abroad of strategic and other essential materials, and control of trade with the Soviet area.

The experience gained in World War II, confirmed in recent operations of the ECA, has demonstrated that the handling of foreign requirements and economic development activities in a country provides bargaining power in the development and procurement of essential materials in that country. It is thus desirable that these interrelated functions be assigned to the same agency in respect to each particular country.

I mention these matters here only because of the necessity of the Executive Branch reaching decisions which will enable a clear-cut, and convincing budget submittal to the Congress by the end of this month.

Respectfully yours,

William C. Foster
  1. Regarding this letter, see footnote 1, supra.
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