Secretary’s Memoranda, Lot 53 D 444

Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by Mr. Lucius D. Battle, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State


Participants: Mr. Foster
Mr. Acheson

Mr. Foster telephoned the Secretary this afternoon in connection with the language under discussion in the President’s letter.1 Mr. Foster said the last version of the situation is entirely satisfactory to him.

The Secretary said that Mr. Webb had told him about it and the Secretary had told Mr. Lawton that whatever he worked out would be satisfactory with him. The Secretary assured Mr. Foster that he didn’t want to cause any pain and anguish to his brethren.

Mr. Foster said that the first thing to be done was for the Secretary to decide the broad decisions as to what is military end-item assistance and economic support, etc. Once those basic determinations have been made, Mr. Foster thought the Secretary would not think it necessary to have State Department officials look at each dollar that is spent. Mr. Foster said that, as he read the paper now, it will accomplish those broad purposes. The Secretary said that this was all right.

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Mr. Foster said that he felt both he and the Secretary were interested in the same thing—to get the job done. Mr. Foster said that he has told Mr. Lawton that the present paper is quite all right with him, and he will tell Mr. Lawton that he may proceed with the endorsement of the Secretary and Mr. Foster.

  1. The draft under reference has not been identified, but for the final text of the President’s letter to the Secretary of State and the Administrator of the Economic Cooperation Administration, April 5, see circular airgram, April 12, infra.