Editorial Note

On November 19, the Governments of Argentina, Chile, and the United Kingdom exchanged statements declaring their intention not to send warships south of 60° latitude during the 1951–1952 Antarctic season. The statements were similar to those exchanged annually by the three governments since January 18, 1949. For the text of the 1951 statements, see Parliamentary Debates, House of Commons, 5th series, Volume 494, col. 2023; for documentation concerning the antecedents of the first exchange of statements on January 18, 1949, see Foreign Relations, 1948, volume I, Part 2, pages 962 ff. The Department of State issued a press release November 20, 1951, taking note of the exchange of statements and stating that the United States did not contemplate sending any vessels to Antarctica during the 1951–1952 Antarctic season; for text, see Department of State Bulletin, December 10, 1951, page 941.