L/SPF Files, Lot 68 D 47, Box 1594

Memorandum by the Assistant Legal Adviser for European Affairs.(Yingling)

Persons to be invited to a meeting in Mr. Fisher’s Office at 2:00 p. m. on November 8 on the subject of Territorial Waters:


Department of the Treasury—Captain Henry E. Sweet, ext. 660–662.

Captain Sweet will be out of the city at the time the meeting is scheduled but said that Mr. Gulick, his assistant, will be able to attend. Mr. Gulick’s extension is Code 172, extension 663 or 2969.


Department of the Navy—Commander Smith, JAG, extension 73002.

Will attend.


Department of the Air Force—Major General E. C. Harmon, ext. 54747.

Mr. Yingling talked with General Harmon by phone October 31; General Harmon will decide and let Mr. Yingling know.


Department of Justice—

Mr. Yingling talked with Mr. Clapp October 31. He will call Mr. Yingling and let him know. Justice returned call Nov. 1. Oscar or John Davis—Solicitor General’s Office, Robert Vaughn—Lands Off. and Hertzel Plaine will attend.

Department of the Interior—Mr. Milton James. Will attend.

Maritime Commission—Mr. Morse.

Will return Mr. Yingling’s call of October 31. Mr. Morse or Assistant will attend accompanied by a legal officer.


Coast Guard—Captain Moore.

Captain Moore said that Captain Stinchcomb will attend, Office of Operations, Coast Guard, unless advised to the contrary.


U/FW—Mr. Chapman.

Mr. Yingling talked with Mr. Chapman. Mr. Chapman will attend.


BNA—Mr. Ranney.

Will attend.