Memorandum by the Assistant Legal Adviser for European Affairs (Yingling) to the Deputy Legal Adviser (Tate)

Subject: Informal Discussions on Territorial Waters with the British.

I called Donald Tebbit of the British Embassy and told him that we had considered the proposal in his recent undated letter for informal conversations on the subject of territorial waters between British experts like Sir Eric Beckett or Professor Waldock and one or two United States experts. I stated that we would be agreeable to such informal discussions if a convenient time could be arranged. Mr. Tebbit said that he had no definite idea as to the time but that while the matter was not urgent, he felt that their side would like to have the talks as soon as conveniently possible.

I then informed him that you would probably ask Professor Edwin D. Dickinson1 to take part on our side and that the most convenient time for him would be about the middle of September just before he returns to his law school. Mr. Tebbit indicated that he thought that time would be entirely agreeable to the British but that he would put the matter up to London at once and let us know their views.

  1. Dickinson was Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.