394.31/12–2251: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State


2788. Reurtel 2806, December 17. Discussions FonOff today indicate various concerned agencies of Ital Govt have not yet furnished tech advice necessary consultations proposed withdrawal concessions hatter’s fur.1 However, Comm FonOff took occasion again to strongly [Page 1557] criticize recent US commercial policy “inconsistencies” such as almond quota, restrictions cheese, present case, etc, stating impossible reconcile US position on rearmament program W Eur, Schuman Plan and other programs with apparent contradictory commercial practices Which injurious commercial relations between two countries.

  1. In telegram 2715, December 18, 6 p. m. (394.31/12–1851), and telegram 2767, December 21, 5 p. m. (394.31/12–2151), neither printed, the Ambassador had informed the Department of continuing efforts by the Embassy to get the Italian Foreign Ministry to indicate whether it wished consultations on the U.S. withdrawal of the hatters fur concession.