The Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs (Thorp) to the Chairman of the United States Tariff Commission (Ryder)

My Dear Mr. Ryder: I should like to report to you the action of the Contracting Parties at their Sixth Session held in Geneva with regard to the Report of the Working Party on the United States’ escape clause action on fur felt hats and hat bodies. After clearance with you, the United States Delegation at the Session advised the Working Party of the action of the President in requesting the Tariff Commission to keep the matter under continuous review and to report any developments which in the Commission’s judgment would permit a relaxation in the restrictions.1 This action had the effect of assuring the Contracting Parties, and particularly Italy, of our willingness to keep the position under review and to reconsider the matter if it should be found that the suspension of the concession is no longer necessary to prevent or remedy a serious injury.

The Working Party Report was adopted by the Contracting Parties at its nineteenth meeting (GATT/CP.6/SR.19) on Monday October 21, with the opposition of the Delegate of Czechoslovakia. It was agreed at the same meeting that the Report should be published. A copy of the Report as adopted is attached.2

Sincerely yours,

Willard L. Thorp
  1. This action had been recommended to President Truman by the Acting Secretary of State in a memorandum dated September 10, 1951, not printed (394.31/9–1051). The President had approved the recommendation on September 12 (394.31/9–1051).
  2. Not printed; see the first footnote 1, p. 1542.