Dr. Karel Svec of the Delegation of Czechoslovakia to the GATT Torquay Conferences to the Vice Chairman of the United States Delegation (Corse)


No. 208/50

Dear Mr. Corse: In reply to your letter of December 1st, 1950 I wish to inform you that I am prepared to consult further regarding the matter concerning Article XIX at any date you wish to suggest. I would, therefore, welcome if you would let me know, as soon as possible, when and where it would be convenient for you to meet us.

I believe, however, that if a consultation is undertaken with the view to come to a positive result, specific proposals should be put forward. In my letter of the 28th November, 1950 I made a specific proposal [Page 1536] and at the same time I made it clear that the Czechoslovak Delegation is prepared to accept any reasonable proposal which would serve as a basis for a compromise. I am sorry, however, to learn from your letter that while refusing our proposal the United States Delegation has so far made no effort whatsoever to facilitate the solution of the matter by making its own proposals.

I would, therefore, appreciate your early reply and your proposals which would enable us to reach a solution before the close of the present Session of the Contracting Parties.

Yours sincerely,

Karel Svec