394.31/11–551: Telegram

The Chargé in Belgium (Millard) to the Secretary of State


631. ReDeptels 518, Brussels October 15, sent GATT Geneva 94, rptd Paris 2231, Ottawa 103; 525 Brussels October 16, rptd info Ottawa 105, Geneva Gatt 91, Paris 2249; and Embtel 536, rptd Ottawa unnumbered, Geneva Gatt 27, Paris 117, October 17.

FonOff reply to Emb October 17 memo re Belgian dol import restrictions recd today.1 FonOff disagrees US opinion dollar import restrictions not essential factor in solution EPU problem. Belgian Govt considers it cannot neglect any means at its disposal to adjust its EPU credit position and dollar debit position in accordance with [Page 1503]recommendation OEEC Council July 6, 1951. It was only in presence of imperative necessity that Belgian Govt decided on restrictive measure and Belgian Govt intends to continue it only for strictly indispensable minimum period. Belgian Govt holds opinion that since dollar import restrictions are based on exchange considerations and the necessity of reducing EPU surplus, they fall in category of measures contemplated by Article XV of GATT and hopes CPs will understand this view. On question further NATO contributions, Belgian Govt “underlines Belgium already fulfilling all of its obligations in framework of NATO.”

Dept pass Ottawa; sent Dept 631, rptd info Paris 138 (pass OSR), Ottawa 1.

  1. For French text, see enclosure 2 to Brussels despatch 548, November 6, p. 1505.