Editorial Note

In a summary of the situation regarding the Belgian dollar import restrictions, made at the plenary meeting on October 26, the Chairman of the Contracting Parties, Mr. Johan Melander, of Norway, pointed out that, while Belgium considered that it was acting within the terms of the General Agreement, the United States and Canada felt that Belgium had departed from the provisions of the Agreement. The Chairman noted that any government in disagreement with the Belgian position had the right to initiate proceedings for redress but urged that such countries give the matter careful consideration before doing so. The Chairman suggested that the Contracting Parties note the statements by the various delegations and not pursue the matter further at the Sixth Session in view of the Belgian statement that the Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union was not altering the fundamentals of its economic policy, that it intended to abide by the rules of the General Agreement, and that the dollar restrictions might be removed in the near future. The Chairman proposed then that the [Page 1499]record be allowed to stand as he had summarized it. In his opinion the integrity of the General Agreement would be preserved by this proposal, which did not adversely affect anyone’s rights. (Doc. GATT/CP.6/SR.26, 29 October 1951, Summary Record of the 26th meeting of the CP’s, October 26, GATT Files, Lot 63 D 134, Box 268)