394.31/10–1751: Telegram

The Chargé in Belgium ( Millard ) to the Secretary of State


536. Ref (a) Deptel niact 525, rptd info Ottawa 105, niact Geneva Gatt 91 [97], Paris 2249, Oct 16; (b) Deptel sent Geneva Gatt 94, rptd info Brussels 518, Paris 2231, Ottawa 103, Oct 15.

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Discussed with Acting Foreign Minister Meurice today substance reftel (b) and left with him memo embodying points covered.1 Stressed particularly that this was in confirmation discussion already held Geneva by US del with Belg del GATT. Also that US Govt position was among other things that Belg dollar import restrictions not regarded as essential element in solution EPU problem on basis US Govt understanding of present circumstances and that other measures available and considered more appropriate. Emphasized also US view that consultations with CPs under Article XII should begin at once.

Meurice said he wld give this his immediate attention and wld take up with Suetens, chief Belg del GATT. He expressed general understanding of problem and was already familiar with general outlines of situation.

Dept pass Ottawa; sent Dept 536, rptd info Ottawa unnumbered, Geneva 27 (for GATT Del), Paris 117.

  1. For text, see enclosure 1 to Brussels despatch 548, November 6, 1951, p. 1504.