394.31/9–1851: Telegram

The United States ( GATT ) Delegation to the Secretary of State


Tagg 11. Suetens Belg del called on USDel September 181 to advise that in connection problem Belg surplus in EPU, Belg intends [Page 1482]reintroduce restrictions import dollar goods and wld enter into consultations with CP’s accordance Art XII. Suetens had expected make statement early mtg CP’s now agrees defer statement until US attitude clearer. Suetens unable to indicate precise extent intended restrictions but expects that situation 1946–47 will be restored, with free list, restricted list and prohibited list dollar imports. Hopes to have lists from Brussels within day or two.

USDel took no position in discussion except to acknowledge seriousness issues involved and to indicate wld request instrs. Suetens returning to Brussels early next week for few days but will return before weekend. Pls comment soonest with full financial info Belg situation. Also feel desirable Corbett2 be present before matter brought up in CP’s. In view imminent consideration Belg EPU problem Paris feel careful coordination US policy necessary.

Sent Dept Tagg 11, rptd info Paris 65 for OSR.

  1. The Sixth Session of the Contracting Parties (CP’s) of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) convened at Geneva on September 17. For the composition of the United States Delegation, see Department of State Bulletin, October 1, 1951, p. 553. Willard L. Thorp, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, was Delegation Chairman, and John L. Leddy, Acting Director, Office of Economic Defense and Trade Policy, was Vice Chairman. Files of the United States Delegation are in GATT Files, Lot 63 D 134, Box 268 (FRC Accession 65A987) and Lot 66 D 209, Box 454 (FRC Accession 71A6682).

    Max Suetens, Director General of Foreign Trade, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was head of the Belgian Delegation.

  2. Jack C. Corbett, Deputy Director, Office of Financial and Development Policy, and member of the United States Delegation at Geneva.