394.31/9–1451: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Murphy) to the Secretary of State


359. Re Depcirtel 253, September 12. Discussed Belg position re US proposal GATT conf on Czech waiver with FonOff. Pol opinion not yet reached. Legal opinion US proposal strains interpretation Art 25 but not enough for Belg to take initiative in objection. Belg sympathetically inclined in principle and if interpretation Art 25 accepted by several principal CP’s, Belg expected to support US position.

Emb interpretation foregoing comments is that Belg can be virtually counted upon for favorable vote if UK, Fr, Neth agree. Since Lux vote certain to agree with Belgs, recommend effort to have vote taken while Lux del is present.

Sent Dept 359, rptd info Paris 82, Geneva for USDel GATT Conf 4.