394.31/8–1651: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Bonsal) to the Secretary of State


1036. Following concerns recent Paris discussions by Dept officers with Fr Govt reps on subject Fr position with respect US action withdraw tariff concessions from Czecho. Embassy subsequently brought matter to attention Charpentier1 urging Fr support along lines Oslo’s 17, August 6 to Paris.2

Embassy informed today by FonOff that on basis decision approved by FonMin Schuman,3 Fr regret they unable support US in this action regardless technique used. They feel that both on legal and tactical grounds, US position ill-advised and maximum they could do would be abstain from vote if taken at meeting of sixth session GATT. They emphasized that Fr Govt, of course, in full agreement with US as to condemnable behavior of Czech Govt which, moreover, had seriously damaged Fr interests.4

  1. Pierre Charpentier, Deputy Director General, Political and Economic Affairs, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. See Oslo telegram 140, August 6, 4 p. m., p. 1388.
  3. Robert Schuman, French Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  4. In telegram 1321, August 31, 7 p. m., to Paris, the Department directed the Embassy to approach the French Government again, making points based on paragraphs 1 through 7 of Department’s telegram 271 to The Hague, August 31 (see p. 1393). “If Embassy unable persuade French support US position, Secretary will probably raise question with Schuman on the occasion of his visit.” (394.31/ 8–1651). (Schuman was to be in the United States in September.)