394.31/3–1851: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the Torquay Conference ( Corse ) to the Secretary of State


565. Wld appreciate it if Allen cld bring appropriate elements mytel 3 to Pretoria rptd Brussels 12 Department 564 to attention Botha SoAfr Min Brussels, leader SoAfr del this conference and endeavor enlist his support this del’s effort try complete successful and substantial negots with Brit Commonwealth.1

Sent Brussels 13, rptd info Dept 565, Pretoria 4.

  1. In telegram 1238, March 19, 5 p. m., to Brussels, the Department supported strongly the Delegation’s requests in Torquay telegrams 564 and 565 (394.31/ 3–1951). In the meantime, the Union Government had cabled instructions to Steyn to remain in Torquay (Capetown telegram 26, March 19, 4 p. m., 394.31/ 3–1951). In Brussels Minister Botha assured the United States Embassy that “South Africa has no intention abandon Torquay.” (Brussels telegram 1515, March 19, 5 p. m., 394.31/3–1951).