394.31/3–551: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State


5172. This is joint Embassy–ECA mission message. Torquay telegram 493 to Washington repeated information Paris 51, March 2, 1951.

1. Embassy representatives have already informally approached FonOff, and ECA mission has indicated US views in strong terms to Bernard de Margerie.1 Both FonOff and De Margerie have been reminded of Pleven assurances to President that French protectionist policy would be changed, and that French would go forward with tariff reductions at Torquay.

2. De Margerie has also been informed that under terms of US December 18 aide-mémoire,2 stipulating that French take vigorous measures combat inflationary pressures by all appropriate means, including necessary adjustments of import policy, ECA mission and Embassy request meeting to consult with appropriate French officials. Unless developments make such meeting unnecessary or undesirable, it will probably take place latter part this week, and we hope USDel GATT can send qualified officer from Torquay to attend.

3. FonOff has informally assured Embassy that new instructions have been given to French Government working party in Paris which is presumably preparing additional tariff reduction offers. However, in view brief remaining time for Torquay negotiations and far greater offers required on part French (reftel), it appears essential to maintain close contact with French officials here as indicated paragraph 2 above.

Sent Department 5172, repeated info Torquay 19.

  1. Presumably Roland Jacquin de Margerie, Director-General of Political and Economic Affairs, French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  2. See Foreign Relations, 1950, vol. iii, p. 1446.