Secretary’s Daily Meetings, Lot 58 D 609, June 1951

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Executive Secretariat (McWilliams)


Subject: Summary of Meeting with the Secretary

Participants: Mr. Acheson
Mr. Matthews
Mr. Barrett
Mr. Nitze
Mr. Cabot
Mr. Byroade2
Mr. McCloy
Mr. Harriman
Mr. McWilliams
Mr. Battle

Item 1. Kem Amendment

There was a general discussion of the Kem Amendment . . .3 the consensus of opinion being that the issue would get a lot hotter before [Page 1117] it cooled off. After the discussion, the Secretary said there were four things which he would like to see done which are as follows:

From the public relations aspect, we should make every effort to inform various groups of the issues involved;
We should be sure that testimony presented on the Hill by various administration witnesses is consistent;
We should plan to make visits to various Senators and Congressmen to inform them on the issues and supply them with material for speeches, etc.; and,
Take appropriate action to get CIA to cease circulating unevaluated reports on shipments of goods without reporting the reasons for the shipments.

I have talked to Mr. Barrett, Mr. Ben Brown,4 Mr. Linder and Mr. Armstrong about these points and they are working on them.

. . . . . . . .

W. J. McWilliams
  1. The omitted sections summarized discussions of the Iranian oil situation, shipments to Communist China, Bolivian tin, and Korea.
  2. Henry A. Byroade, Director of the Office of German Affairs in the Department of State.
  3. Ellipsis in the source text.
  4. Ben H. Brown, Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Affairs.