740.5/1–2351: Telegram

The United States Deputy Representative on the North Atlantic Council (Spofford) to the Secretary of State


Depto 441. Re deputies resolution on export controls, D(51) 11 second revise (see Deptos 421,1 426,2 and 439,3 January 17, 18 and 22 respectively).

1. Danish deputy (acting chairman) introduced paper for record reviewing concerns expressed in paragraph 3 (a) Depto 426 as to economic consequences retaliation by Soviet, such as stoppage Polish coal supply. Danish paper repeated desire for separate study with respect each embargo recommendation re economic aspects proposed NAT embargoes to determine risks such retaliation and whether controls needed over shipments to non-NATO countries outside Soviet bloc. Paper also proposed general survey West European imports from Soviet bloc and their importance to NAT economy and defense efforts. Copies Danish paper being pouched.

2. Norwegian deputy expressed agreement his government with Danes that NAT export control recommendations be reviewed, in his view by WG of twelve, for possibilities Soviet retaliatory embargoes, prior action by deputies. He agreed accept resolution if this point placed on record. Norwegian deputy also agreed to refer to raw materials advisory group, provided record shows this will not prejudice later consideration of abolition advisory group.

3. Resolution adopted without further discussion.

Sent Department Depto 441; repeated info Paris (for OSR) 1364, Copenhagen unnumbered, Oslo unnumbered.

  1. Not printed; it summarized the fifth meeting of the Council Deputies on January 17. (740.5/1–1751) For a detailed summary of the Council Deputies discussion concerning export controls which occurred during this fifth meeting, see telegram Depto 426, January 18, supra.
  2. Supra.
  3. Not printed; it summarized the sixth meeting of the Council Deputies on January 22. (740.5/1–2251)