103 ECA/1–951

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Sanford S. Marlowe of the International Information and Educational Exchange Program


Subject: ECA-State Information Programs

Participants: State
Mr. Barrett
Mr. Kimball1
Mr. Marlowe
Mr. Mullen2
Mr. Berding3
Mr. Drummond4
Mr. Bellows5

Meeting generally covered the ground covered in memo on the subject from Mr. Barrett to Mr. Webb.6

Messrs. Mullen, Berding, and Drummond agreed with State Department representatives on general proposition that a single U.S. propaganda program run by a single agency was desirable.

Mr. Mullen however felt that this was not the proper time to make any change in organizational arrangements since that would result [Page 908] in confusion. He proposed that we continue as we now are until ECA’s job, however defined, is over. (Mr. Barrett pointed out that this probably meant continuing as we are now until the millennium was reached.)

Although we never got an explicit definition of Mr. Drummond’s ideas, he did seem to favor continuing the present arrangements for an indefinite period but assuring that there would be no duplication of operations overseas even though there would be an undoubted duplication in the objectives. The State Department argument generally followed that in memo from Mr. Barrett to Mr. Webb mentioned above.

There was considerable discussion of the ability of the State Department to carry an effective hard-hitting propaganda program. It was pointed out to ECA representatives that insofar as this was a real problem, it was one which State had to meet regardless of the decision regarding ECA Information Program and we looked forward to making whatever organizational and other changes that had to be made in order to run such a program. The ECA people feel that various changes both with regard to the authority of field personnel and organizational arrangements within the Department are necessary in State if we are to accomplish the kind of propaganda program they feel is essential to meeting our mutual objectives.

All the cards were put on the table, including discussion of the possibility of an independent agency. It was agreed that the next step would be for Mr. Bellows and Mr. Kimball to arrive at their recommendations for Mr. Webb and Mr. Foster.

  1. Arthur A. Kimball served on the staff of the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Administration, Carlisle H. Humelsine; he was also the Executive Director of the Bureau of German Affairs.
  2. Robert Mullen, Director of the ECA Office of Information.
  3. Andrew H. Berding, Deputy Director of the ECA Office of Information.
  4. Roscoe Drummond, Director of the Information Division, ECA European Headquarters, Paris.
  5. Everett H. Bellows, Special Assistant to the Administrator of the ECA.
  6. Supra.