S/AE Files, Lot 68 D 3581

Memorandum by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Bradley) to the Director of the Joint Staff (Davis)

top secret

The attached paper, which is in substance a study made by the British Joint Chiefs of Staff on atomic warfare,2 was handed to me this date by Air Chief Marshal Elliot. Elliot emphasized that this paper is nothing but a basis for discussion with us, and is in no way to be considered as his Government’s policy in the matter. This is the only copy which Marshal Elliot has, but he has authorized us to reproduce it in sufficient quantity to distribute to our Chiefs and Deputies for discussion purposes.

As further background, this matter was first broached to our Government last summer. This particular paper was discussed by Ambassador Franks with Secretary Acheson a few days ago.3

Air Chief Marshal Elliot expressed the hope that after we have discussed the matter we would see fit to make a similar study which would serve us as a basis for discussion with them at an early date on a political-military level.

I suggest, therefore, that you make a very limited distribution of this study and then let me have this original back so I can return it to Air Chief Marshal Elliot.

O[mar] N. B[radley]
  1. Files relating to atomic energy policy matters for the years 1950–1967, maintained initially by the Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Atomic Energy Affairs and later by the Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs.
  2. The British paper, dated February 22, is not printed.
  3. No record of the conversation has been found in Department of State files.