832.2546/12–651: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil


540. During recent Washington visit, Admiral Alvaro Alberto1 discussed Brazilian interest acquiring cyclotron. He had also discussed it with General Electric Co reps in Brazil and recd assurances GE cld supply the cyclotron. Admiral was told that obtaining a license export instrument from US to Brazil wld probably present no difficulty. Similar assurances on this point were reportedly made by reps of the US Atomic Energy Commission during their recent mission to Brazil.2

Conversations between officials of the AEC and the GE develop fact that company has not agreed manufacture the instrument and is quite reluctant to do so. Reasons are that instrument is very difficult to fabricate and wld require materials difficult obtain. GE has given the Commission to understand that Brazilian order will be accepted only if the US Govt formally requests it.

What authority, if any, Commission may have in such situation not now clear and, as practical matter, Commission does not wish consider applying pressure on company unless benefits to the Commission from so doing are quite clear. Reaction of Brazilian Govt to proposals recently made and discussed by AEC reps in Brazil may have some bearing on this pt.

Emb’s comments requested.

  1. President of the Brazilian National Research Council.
  2. For information on the mission, see letter by Ambassador Johnson to Arneson, December 11, infra.