Memorandum by Mr. Lucius D. Battle, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State


The Secretary told me on his return from Cabinet today that General Marshall had mentioned at Cabinet that the worst danger we were in at the moment was a let-down in our defense effort. The Secretary said all agreed that this was a great danger.

General Marshall said that he thought we should go ahead with our program and that we must make speeches on the radio and otherwise [Page 101] about it. He said we should get our wisest public relations people to work on the matter. It was also mentioned at Cabinet that the Advisory Council would consider the matter on Monday.1

General Marshall suggested that for the next week or ten days, we might follow public lines somewhat as follows:

Everyone is worried about a possible trap in the Korean negotiations.2 The real trap that we face is a let-down in our own defense effort. The Korean trap is chicken-feed compared to that trap. What the Russians want most is to have us slow down on our defense effort. We must be very much alert to this possible trap.

L[ucius] D. B[attle]
  1. July 9.
  2. The First Session of the Military Armistice Conference took place on July 10. For documentation on the armistice negotiations, see volume vii .