Atomic Energy Files, Lot 57 D 688: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Murphy) to the Secretary of State

top secret

2073. For Arneson. Further urtel 1715. Van Zeeland asked me to call on him right after weekly Cabinet meeting today and said that he wanted me to know that an agreement had been arrived at on the uranium question, as result of the Washington conversations subject to “few details” yet to be worked out by Ryckmans. He said that while the agreement probably was not all that could be wished, it was satisfactory and I have the impression from his manner that he personally is pleased and satisfied. He confirmed that he was referring to the increase of 60 cents per pound on the 91 cent export tax or total of $1.51 with yield of approximately an additional $12 million.

On the question of the text of the communiqué his idea seems to be an agreed text which he could use in part or entirety depending on circumstances. He feels confident that between now and the adjournment of the Belgian Parliament on July 16 the question will not be raised. After reconvening next fall he wld select the moment when part or all of the text could be best used. It is obvious from his remarks that he is under no immediate pressure at the moment. Nothing would be published for the present.

Under the circumstances obviously it seemed best not to raise any question about eventual renewal of the agreement which expires in 1956 and I presume that is your position.

From our point of view this would represent a happy solution of problem.