Editorial Note

During the period May 3–June 27, 1951, the Senate Committees on Armed Services and Foreign Relations conducted joint hearings concerning the military situation in the Far East and the dismissal by President Truman on April 11 of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Commander in Chief, United States Forces, Far East Command, and Commander in Chief of United Nations Forces in Korea. These proceedings dealt in part with the general national security of the United States. For the testimony presented by Secretary of State Acheson, June 1–9, see Military Situation in the Far East: Hearings Before the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate (82d Cong., 1st sess.), pages 1667–2291. A statement made by Acheson on June 1 also appears in the Department of State Bulletin, June 11, 1951, pages 923–926.

Documentation on the dismissal of General MacArthur and the subsequent hearings is presented in volume VII.