320.2–AC/2–2851: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


749. Re CMC—urtel 1203.1 Dept concerned at apparent unwillingness of UK and Fr Dels to have CMC move forward with its work at what we regard as reasonable pace. We uncertain whether this hesitancy arises from fact that none of us able at this juncture to perceive the final, exact scope of UN collective security system which may eventuate from CMC’s work or whether it is carry over, at least on UK’s part, of their attitude toward work of Ad Hoc Comite on Additional Measures. If latter, Dept understands (though it does not agree with) reasons underlying UK attitude on CAM but obviously same reasons shld not apply to CMC as there is no connection between two committees. If former, reassure UK and Fr Dels that US fully aware of the many complex questions (such as relationship to NATO, for ex.) which must be resolved in connection with further development of any UN collective security system and that we intend, in consultation with them and others, to see that these are soberly and rationally resolved as the work advances. It is, indeed, for this very reason that Dept feels work of CMC is important and shld be begun promptly.

Re plan of work of CMC. Dept wishes consult UK and France thereon but is not willing to agree at this time that plan must be submitted as joint document by three govts if to do so wld cause further delays in getting started. Present draft plan as shown to Coulson and Lacoste last week (Airgram to NY A–17)2 does not contain anything that is startling or capable of polit embarrassment to them. Topics proposed are only those which come naturally to mind on basis of res itself and debate in Comite I during GA.

  1. Not printed.
  2. January 20, p. 616.