S/S–NSC Files, Lot 66 D 148

Memorandum by the Secretary of State to the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs ( Thorp )


Mr. Thorp: On Item 2 of the NSC agenda (Mr. Charles E. Wilson’s paper) I made the points referred to in your memorandum to me of February 20. Mr. Wilson agreed and offered to amend the paper accordingly.

Mr. Foster1 suggested that he also was working up for Mr. Wilson a paper dealing with exports to free countries expanding the passing reference in ODM 4. I agreed that it was quite satisfactory to me to have the export policy matter developed in another paper and that I was perfectly willing to have ODM 4 go through.

There was other criticism of ODM 4, but all of that was turned down by the President. Therefore, it is important for us to work with Mr. Foster along the lines of your memorandum.

D[ean] A[cheson]
  1. William C. Foster, Administrator, Economic Cooperation Administration.