Memorandum of Conversation, by the Special Assistant on United Nations Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs (Allen)

top secret

Subject: Disarmament

Participants: Mr. Boyd, First Secretary, British Embassy
Miss Salt, First Secretary, British Embassy
Mr. Allen—EUR

The UK representatives called today to deliver the attached Aide-Mémoire and UK Cabinet paper on this subject.1 Regarding paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Aide-Mémoire, I stated that we likewise had reached no conclusion as to the forum, timing, or conditions of any affirmative proposals or suggestions on disarmament, and that I was sure that we agreed that the work of the Committee of Twelve should not prejudice any such decisions. In response to Mr. Boyd’s observation that apparently the UK does not contemplate discussions with any other government at present, I suggested that it nevertheless would seem desirable to discuss the matter with the French Government at an early date because of both their interest and their sensitivity. Mr. Boyd agreed.

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It was agreed that as soon as the US had comments to offer on the UK paper or suggestions of our own to put forward, we would get in touch with the Embassy.

  1. Infra.