PPS Files, Lot 64 D 563

Memorandum by the Special Assistant to the Secretary of State (Battle)to the Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Staff (Ferguson)

top secret

The Secretary told me on his return from Cabinet that General Marshall1 had the attached memorandum for the Executive Secretary of the NSC 2 with him at Cabinet this morning. The Secretary [Page 477]has signed that memorandum. General Marshall spoke to the President about this project.

The General also expressed himself as highly enthusiastic about the paper.

L [ucius] D. B[attle]
  1. George C. Marshall, Secretary of Defense.
  2. A handwritten notation on the source text indicates that the attachment became NSC 112 (infra). The attachment, not printed, is substantially identical to NSC 112 except that it includes a covering letter dated May 16, transmitting the study from the working group to the State–Joint Chiefs of Staff Conferees (not printed), and the Tufts–Lalor memorandum of March 17 providing instructions to the working group ( p. 465).