G/PM Files, Lot 68 D 349

Memorandum by Mr. Robert W. Tufts and Rear Admiral W. G. Lalor

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Memorandum for: Maj Gen E. T. Maddocks, USA1
Brig Gen E. J. Rogers, Jr., USAF2
Mr. John H. Ferguson
Mr. R. Gordon Arneson

Subject: Formulation of a Basis for U.S. Positions to be taken vis-à-vis U.S.S.R.

Discussions in the Paris meetings preliminary to the proposed meeting of the Four-Power Council of Foreign Ministers have highlighted the desirability of establishing a firm basis for U.S. positions on the matters of (1) inspection and verification of the military forces of the powers involved, and (2) the manner in which the existing level of armed forces and armaments can best be presented in its relation to the causes of international tensions in Europe.
At the State–JCS meeting on 15 March 1951, it was agreed that the addressees would be directed to study the two problems outlined above and to submit to the State–JCS conferees recommendations on these matters.
The Atomic Energy Commission and other government agencies should be consulted as appropriate.
It is the desire of the conferees that there be included in the study of the first proposition in paragraph 1 above, an exploration of the criteria for inspection and verification which we would require and which we would permit. An aspect of the second problem is the careful determination of the basis on which comparison of the size of the military forces under discussion will be made. The purpose of the study is the establishment of a foundation upon which positions may be built which would, if accepted by the Soviets, be acceptable to the United States, or if rejected by the Soviets, be advantageous to the United States and the Western Powers for their propaganda value.
Due to the urgency attributed to this project by the State–JCS conferees it is requested that the study be submitted to them as a matter of priority.

Robert W. Tufts
Member, Policy Planning Staff Department of State

W. G. Lalor

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Secretary, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  1. Army Member of the Joint Strategic Survey Committee, the senior advisory group to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  2. Air Force Member, Joint Strategic Survey Committee.