184. Memorandum From the Chief of the Near East and Africa Division, Directorate of Plans (Roosevelt) to the Director of Central Intelligence (Dulles)1


  • Support for Special Operation TP AJAX2

1. Pursuant to our discussions of 2 April 1953,3 authorization is requested for the expenditure of funds up to [dollar amount not declassified] for the specific purpose agreed to, with the understanding that:

a. The funds will not be committed until the intentions and capabilities of the instigator of the operation are established to the joint satisfaction of the American Ambassador and our Representative.

b. Payments will be made in installments as events progress.

2. Exemption is requested from submitting a project or an administrative plan for this undertaking to the Project Review Committee.

3. This special operation obviously requires special security measures, and will be handled on “Eyes Alone” basis among those who need to know of it. For this reason, usual accounting procedures cannot be rigidly adhered to, and it is therefore requested that written receipts from the recipients not be required.

Kermit Roosevelt4
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO Files, Job 79–01228A, Box 29, Folder 1, Outlines and Renewals of Projects. Secret; Eyes Only. Wisner recommended approval and Dulles approved.
  2. “TP AJAX” is a handwritten addendum to the subject line.
  3. No record of a conversation between Roosevelt and Dulles on April 2 has been found.
  4. Printed from a copy with Roosevelt’s typed signature and an indication that the original was signed.