294. Memorandum Prepared by the Deputy Director for Plans, Central Intelligence Agency (Wisner)1

The following are additional points and thoughts which should be considered in connection with the idea that the company might be in the position to play a most useful and constructive role in connection with the recent development in “x” country. The following information is based upon statements of extremely well-placed and reliable informants.

The new Boss has very definitely in mind a series of programs of economic and social betterment for his country. As a matter of fact, this is rather definitely confirmed by the fact that the very first words he uttered upon getting to the loudspeaker on the eventful day were promises to the people of such programs. Unfortunately, his ideas are ill-formed and to some extent quite impractical and he is definitely believed to be standing in the need of advice. Specifically, he needs someone, whom he would regard as disinterested and friendly, to point out to him what kind of programs would be useful and constructive and which are, at the same time, feasible. It would be of equal importance for him to be advised as to what kind of programs, including some ideas which he has in mind, are not feasible either in the immediate future or, for that matter, at all. The time is ripe at this very moment for such advice and assistance because, if this is not forthcoming and if there is no one who can provide this, he may commit himself further along lines that he will not be able to deliver on to the people. This in turn will have an adverse effect and will play directly into the hands of the very worst elements of the opposition. (There is no doubt that any overstatements or unkept promises will be exploited by the Party and Soviet propaganda to the utmost.) It is even possible that the company might wish to send one of its knowledgeable representatives out for a quick trip to look over the situation and to contribute his recommendations. It is also believed to be a practical certainty that the Ambassador would recommend such a visit and would be only too glad to arrange for appropriate introductions and the presentation of the most favorable and impressive credentials.

Even though it is understood that there will presumably be continuing governmental programs under the administration of Mr. Stassen’s [Page 706] new organization (FOA), there will of course be a limit to both the size and kind of such programs with the probable result that there will be a substantial area left open for consideration by a private company engaged in this particular line of business. Moreover, the contribution of advice and guidance which could be made at this time would be highly valuable in and of itself alone and certainly any publicity which the company would be willing to authorize concerning the interest which it is taking would in all probability redound to the benefit and strengthening of the present regime which is understood to be rather favorably regarded by our government.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDO Files, Job 80–01701R, Box 3, Folder 10, TPAJAX. Eyes Only. A typed note on the memorandum reads: “The following was dictated by FGW in presence of [name not declassified] and [name not declassified] took the original with him. 9/20/53.”