285. Telegram From the Station in Iran to the Central Intelligence Agency1

TEHE 737. 1. We frankly horrified at lack support and guidance given Shah of Iran. Must point out also that Embassy no [not] been given text Shah statement, as requested, and we received no guidance.

2. If we to continue support Shah, Station and (Iranian sources) urge foll action:

A. British prevail on Shah to broadcast as Commander in Chief order to army to give support to legal Prime Min Zahedi.

B. MAAG announce soonest cutback in military aid Iran.

C. Eisenhower at weekly news conference raise question as to constitutionality of Mossadeq’s claim to premiership after being dismissed by Shah.

D. CIA and British Bagh urge Iraq mollahs cable Borujerdi requesting that he call jihab [jihad] against communism.

3. FYI:

A. Troops in Tehe broke up Tudeh demonstration night 18 August bashing heads and shouting “long live Shah.”

B. Genl Gilanshah restrained by (Iranian sources) from making 15 plane air raid on capital.

C. Aminis angered by anti Shah demonstrations and Qashqais willing drop Mossadeq but adamant in opposition to Shah.

D. Unconfirmed reports received 19 August that army garrison Sanadej in revolt against govt.

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E. (Iranian sources) learned from G–2 and secret police sources that they and we still “completely clean.”

End of message.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency. Secret. Transcribed specifically for the Foreign Relations series from microfilm in the Central Intelligence Agency that no longer exists. See “Sources” chapter.