263. Telegram From the Station in Iran to the Central Intelligence Agency1

TEHE 704. A. From Mattison.

Both Melbourne and I, only Embassy officers having knowledge plan, believe non-success CIA efforts not due to any lack dedicated effort nor through any failure to attempt to provide for various contingencies. All CIA personnel under K. Roosevelt leadership labored long hours in manner reflecting great credit their ability and courage.

Essential element in unfortunate result was commonly appreciated difficulty in operating when confronted by current Iranian incapacity for large scale organized effort under clandestine conditions, and when confronted by unforseen difficulties.

B. K. Roosevelt comments most grateful for above which is fully reciprocated. Both officers have given every possible [illegible] operation. We still think there [illegible] remaining chance success if Baghdad radio strongly presses point that Shah tricked out of country by Mossadeq determination overthrow constitution and Zahedi willing and able take aggressive stand.

End of message.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency. Secret. Transcribed specifically for the Foreign Relations series from microfilm in the Central Intelligence Agency that no longer exists. See “Sources” chapter.