251. Editorial Note

On July 24, 1953, Secretary of State Dulles spoke to Director of Central Intelligence Dulles over the telephone. The transcript of their conversation reads: “The Secy called and said in your talk about Iran yesterday at the meeting you did not mention the other matter, is it off? AWD said he doesn’t talk about it, it was cleared directly with the President, and is still active.

“The Secy asked if that relieved us of trying anything else, or if there was any alternative. AWD is getting up a paper, a hint from the Department that we are deeply disturbed at the apparent acquiescence, etc. might help, there is sufficient evidence on the thing, he quoted a statement about the riots in which Mossadegh said you cannot crush the will of the people, look what happened in China.

“His paper will be an outline of things that have happened and it would benefit the project if we express apprehension because he is leaning more and more on Tudeh. The Secretary remarked that he hasn’t any other place to lean. AWD said it is moving along reasonably [Page 638] well but the young man may pull out at the last minute, he is an unaccountable character but the sister has agreed to go.” This transcript is printed in Foreign Relations, 1952–1954, volume X, Iran, 1951–1954, pages 737–738 (Document 335).