197. Information Report Prepared in the Central Intelligence Agency1



  • Current Iranian Situation


  • CS–88172


  • [3 lines not declassified]

1. The Shah appointed Abol Ghassem Amini as “Deputy Minister of Court” as a “token of good will toward Mossadeq and to calm Mossadeq’s suspicions of the Royal Court.” Amini is a relative and supporter of Mossadeq.

2. Ali Reza Gharagazlu, the Shah appointee to replace Minister of Court Hoseyn Ala, has declined the appointment. The post will remain vacant and Amini will assume Ala’s former duties and responsibilities.

3. By these actions the Shah is attempting to “placate” Mossadeq in an effort to prevent the latter from making public “documents” which are alleged to implicate the Shah and the Royal Court with:

a. the kidnapping of Police Chief Mahmud Afshartus;3 and

b. the tribal rebellion led by Abol Ghassem Bakhtiari, a kinsman of the Queen.4

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4. Seyyed Abul Hasan Haerizadeh, leader of the Mossadeq opposition in the Majlis, stated on 23 April that he (Haerizadeh):

a. favors the support of Ali Reza Gharagazlu, “an old and greatly respected man,” as Prime Minister;

b. fears General Fazullah Zahedi and can no longer support him for the Prime Ministership but feels it to be “essential” that Zahedi be named Minister of the Interior in a government headed by Gharagazlu.5

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, DDI Files, Job 80–00810A, Box 11, Folder 53, CS Information Reports 8810–8819. Secret; Security Information; Control—U.S. Officials Only.
  2. CS–8817, April 28, reported that the Shah had “appointed Abol Ghassem Amini, a Mossadeq supporter, as ‘Chief of Court’ in order to ‘balance’ the appointment of pro-Shah Ali Reza Gharagazlu as Minister of Court replacing Hoseyn Ala.” (Ibid.)
  3. Washington Comment. According to press dispatches, Afshartus was found strangled to death about 20 miles outside of Tehran on 26 April. [Footnote is in the original.]
  4. Washington Comment. According to a 20 April 1953 AFP Radioteletype from Paris, France, Abol Ghassem has surrendered to military authorities. [Footnote is in the original.]
  5. Field Comment. The information in CS–8808 and CS–8817 may indicate the Shah’s capitulation to Mossadeq and may signal the end of Zahedi as an immediate threat to the Prime Minister. [Footnote is in the original. CS–8808 is in Central Intelligence Agency, DDI Files, Job 80–00810A, Box 11, Folder 52, CS Information Reports 8800–8809.]