113. Telegram From the Embassy in Iran to the Department of State1

614. No distribution personal for Byroade NEA and Richards GTI.

1. It will be recalled that shortly after collapse Qavam Govt Kashani sent message to me alleging that he had proof that Brit and Shah had agreed to bring Qavam into power and that American Govt had subsequently approved plan and that I sent message to Kashani denying that US was involved in any way in accession of Qavam to power. Kashani sent back reply that despite my statements he knew that Brit and American Embassies and Shah had conspired to make Qavam PriMin. In discussing this matter with Ala I told latter that if Mosadeq and other members of Govt shld choose to believe Kashani rather than myself I saw no alternative other than for me to tell my Govt that it wld be preferable for it to recall me. Ala, considerably disturbed, without my authority repeated what I had said to Mosadeq and Mosadeq sent back message thru Ala that in no circumstances shld I become discouraged and ask for my recall.

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2. Whether above is basis for stories which are now circulating that (a) I have asked to be withdrawn from Iran and (b) Iranian Govt has asked for my recall, I do not know. Polowetzky of AP told Melbourne this morning that stories this kind were in circulation and if they shld appear even in irresponsible Iranian press, he wld have no choice other than to report them. He asked Melbourne if Embassy cld give him something to use in story in case he shld write one. I authorized Melbourne to tell Polowetzky that relations between members Govt and myself were cordial and on basis of mutual confidence and that I had not suggested that Washington recall me.

It is difficult for me to believe that Mosadeq has asked for my recall unless he is under great pressure from extreme elements cooperating with Tudeh. My popularity with Internatl Communism has been low during last ten years and Internatl Communism wld probably regard my recall as even more noteworthy victory in prevailing circumstances than recall of mil missions. I do not know whether American correspondents here will report these stories and if so whether they will have wide circulation. I leave to Dept decision in case stories are published as to whether or not it shld issue denial. Iranian Govt in its present confusion not likely deny anything.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 84, Tehran Embassy Files, 1950–1952, classified general records, Box 25. Secret; Security Information. Drafted by Henderson. The telegram is the Embassy copy as approved and has no time of transmission.