102. Minutes of Director of Central Intelligence Smith’s Meeting1


  • General Smith, Messrs. Dulles, Wisner, Becker, Hedden, Col. White, Mr. Long

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to Iran.]

[Mr. Dulles:] c. Raised the problem of developments in Iran. He cited a memorandum prepared by Mr. Kermit Roosevelt on our efforts to operate in the Qashqai region of Southern Iran, and noted that we were encountering difficulties in getting under way in this area. The Director mentioned the cable from Amb. Henderson which reported recent conversations with Mossadeq and expressed the view that the Communist threat was considerably enhanced by Mossadeq’s present attitude and by the likelihood of a dramatic anti-western move and that the disturbed mental condition of Mossadeq makes the situation virtually unpredictable.2 Reference was also made to a detailed situation analysis by our station in Iran.3 The Director expressed the belief that, [Page 301] failing an attempt to get money from the West, Mossadeq would have no difficulty in getting what he sought from Russia. He stressed the importance of US-British collaboration on Iran as the key to our handling of the situation there. Mr. Dulles reported that the NSC paper on Iran is awaiting a State Department contribution and undertook to discuss developments in Iran with Undersecretary Bruce at luncheon today.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director of Intelligence, Job 80B01676R, Box 23, Folder 10, Minutes of Deputies’ Meetings. Top Secret; Security Information. Drafted by Long.
  2. An apparent reference to Henderson’s first conversation with Mosadeq following the Qavam interlude, as reported in telegram 422 from Tehran, July 28. See Document 100.
  3. Not found.