Executive Secretariat Files: NSC 81 Series

Memorandum by the Executive Secretary to the National Security Council (Lay) to the National Security Council

top secret

Subject: United States Courses of Action with Respect to Korea

References: A. NSC 81/21
B. Memo for NSC from Executive Secretary, same subject, dated November 14, 19502
C. NSC Actions Nos. 389 and 378

The reference report on the subject, prepared by the NSC Staff pursuant to NSC Action No. 378 and submitted for Council consideration by the reference memorandum, has been approved to date by the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman, National Security Resources Board, and the Secretary of the Treasury and is currently awaiting action by the other Council members.

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In view of recent developments in Korea and in the light of the discussion at the last Council meeting (NSC Action No. 3893), the NSC Staff hereby withdraws NSC 81/2 from consideration.

James S. Lay, Jr.
  1. Dated November 14, p. 1150.
  2. Not printed; it forwarded NSC 81/2 to the NSC for consideration of approval by the members.
  3. This action noted the discussion which had taken place at the NSC meeting of November 28, p. 1242.