795.00/11–2950: Telegram

The Joint Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief, Far East (MacArthur)

top secret
operational immediate

JCS 97594. Your proposal (C 500211) is being considered. It involves world-wide consequences. We shall have to consider the [Page 1254]possibility that it would disrupt the united position of the nations associated with us in the United Nations, und have us isolated. It may be wholly unacceptable to the commonwealth countries to have their forces employed with Nationalist Chinese. It might extend hostilities to Formosa and other areas. Incidentally, our position of leadership in the Far East is being most seriously compromised in the United Nations. The utmost care will be necessary to avoid the disruption of the essential Allied line-up in that organization.

  1. Not printed. The thrust of this message was rendered as follows in Record of the Actions Taken by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pp. 66–67:

    “On 29 November 1950 CINCFE informed the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the Chinese Nationalist armies on Formosa represented the only source of potential trained reinforcements available for early commitment to the war in Korea. He stated that troops drawn from this source could be moved to Korea in approximately fourteen days and much larger forces than had been previously offered would undoubtedly be made available if desired. He strongly recommended that lie be authorized to negotiate directly with the Chinese Government for incorporation in the United Nations Command of such Chinese units as might be available and desirable for the reinforcing of our position in Korea.”