795.00/11–2850: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea (Muccio) to the Secretary of State


462. Embtel 455, November 27. Excluding coastal area around Chongju, enemy yesterday and early this morning applied extremely heavy pressure to UN forces all along line in 8th Army sector. Enemy attack characterized by use massed manpower, artillery, rockets and mortars, but no air support. Enemy attack of such power and intensity is regarded in local military circles as general offensive and not series of counterattacks as first believed case. 8th Army intelligence estimates on basis information currently available there now 149,000 enemy troops in line versus UN forces, of whom 101,000 estimated to be Chinese. Considerable number Chinese captured past few days but no breakdown available. 8th Army intelligence believes in addition CCF already reported CCF 50th and 66th Armies are in field northwest Korea sector.

There were no hostile aircraft observed over North Korea yesterday. However at three o’clock this morning hostile aircraft dropped bombs in vicinity Pyongyang airfield. Air observation revealed enemy vehicular movement was light last night, only about 80 vehicles being observed. These were noted mainly on: roads from Sinuiju to Chongju and from Sakchu to Kusong. One train each observed moving south from Sinuiju and Sakchu. Also one train noted moving north from Kanggye to Manpojin.