661.00/6–2550: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices 1


JUNE 26, 1950


In view possibility invasion Korea first of series coordinated Soviet military action, pls maintain utmost vigilance and report any positive or negative evidence however fragmentary re situation ur country.

  1. Sent to the Embassies in Ankara, Belgrade, and Tehran, the Legations in Saigon and vienna, the High Commissioner in Berlin, and the consular offices in Taipei and Hong Kong. It was also repeated, as routine, to the Embassies in Seoul, London, Paris, Manila, Bangkok, Djakarta, Rangoon, New Delhi, Moscow, Athens, Warsaw, Praha, Rome, and Stockholm; the Political Advisers in Tokyo and Trieste; the Legations in Bucharest, Budapest, and Helsinki; and the Consulate General in Singapore.
  2. The Department of State record copy bears the date June. 25. In a memorandum to Mr. Noble dated August 21, however, Mr. Merchant, who drafted the telegram, indicated that it was reasonable to assume that the Coder Room had: mistakenly dated it June 25 rather than June 26. He added that he recollected drafting it in the evening of June 25 and sending, it to the code Room about midnight, which led him to believe that it had been transmitted at 1 a. m. on June 26 (795.00/6–2550). See also President Truman’s comment during the June 25th Blair House meeting on the need for making a survey of possible next moves by the Soviet Union, p. 160.